Monday, April 20, 2015

Nerf Longstrike Xplorer Zombie Slayer Kit Mod

Just done the Nerf Longstrike Xplorer Zombie Slayer Kit Mod with Jon last week. It's a direct plunger mod with reinforced plastics and upgraded springs. It is the bomb!

We've noticed the absence of mod guides for this kit, so I thought of documenting the process down in case anyone needs it. I don't have my own photos so I guess written instructions will be provided for now. Refer to OMW Longstrike Mod Guide for the name and configuration of the internals. (Some photos were taken from the guide)

Materials needed:
Nerf Longstrike
Xplorer Longstrike Zombie Slayer kit
Artline pen
Pipe cutter
Allen key / Hex key
Nail file / normal iron file

Step 1: Unscrew and take off the Longstrike shell.

Step 2: Unscrew the spring rest cap.

Step 3: Take out the jam door, breech, bolt sled, plunger, spring, reinforcement plate, trigger catch, and the trigger lock.

Step 4: Knock the bolt sled pin out with a screwdriver and pliers, with the pliers acting as the hammer. Now you have the bolt sled and breech as separate pieces.

Step 5: Measure your breech from the bottom lip towards the breech plunger end. Measure it to 11.1cm and mark it.

Step 6: Use a pipe cutter to cut the breech at your 11.1cm mark. You should have the breech at 11cm after cutting it. The 1mm leeway is for the pipe cutter because the blade is not a laser cutter.

Step 7: Measure 2mm from the breech mouth upper lip. Use your pen to mark both sides.

Step 8: Use your nail file or normal iron file to file the breech mouth down to the markings. Make sure to follow the contour of the original breech mouth curvy shape. This part has to be filed down so it will not block the insertion of your Nerf clips.

Step 9: Glue the breech end cap from the Xplorer kit to the cut end of the breech. This is similar to the direct plunger system in Nerf blasters like Retaliator.

Step 10: Put the breech and the bolt sled from Xplorer kit together by knocking in the bolt sled pin.

Step 11: Insert the plunger tube rail stops from Xplorer kit into the plunger rail. You should see a slot on the rail stops and a black piece glued at one side. Arrange it so the slot faces downwards, a.k.a. facing outwards, and the black piece should face to the right a.k.a. towards the butt of the blaster. Put this rail stop at the left side of the plunger rail a.k.a. in front of the plunger tube that we will place later. Repeat this for the other shell.

Step 12: Insert the spring rest cap adapter into the stock reinforcement plate.

Step 13: Assemble the Xplorer bolt sled with breech, Xplorer plunger tube and rod, Xplorer trigger catch with spring, Xplorer spring and the modified reinforcement plate into the Longstrike. I don't have a photo for this, but you can check the Retaliator internals to figure it out. It's not that hard to know which part goes where.
The configuration sequence will be like this - Xplorer bolt sled with breech > plunger tube rail stop > Xplorer plunger tube and rod > Xplorer trigger catch with spring Xplorer spring > modified reinforcement plate.

Step 14: Screw the modified reinforcement plate in.

Step 15: Make sure all parts are in their place and screw the other shell back in.

Step 16: Slide the Xplorer priming bolt rod in. Use the allen key / hex key to screw the Xplorer priming bolt handles nice and tight.

And now you are ready to go!

If you get the official instructions from Xplorer, they said to cut the breech at Step 5 & 6 at 10.8cm. We tried that before on Minerva (Jon's Longstrike) but we think it is not a stable fit for the breech plunger end and the plunger tube. If we do it at 11cm, the breech can rest inside the plunger tube deeper when the breech is in closed position, hence more stable. Just don't go longer than 11cm because you might not be able to prime completely then. To compensate for the extra 2mm on the breech, we filed the breech mouth by 2mm so it will not block the Nerf clips when you want to insert them in when the breech is open. You can try not filing it down first, and try inserting the clip. You will find that it is hard and loud when you insert the clip, and this actually means you are forcing the breech mouth into the clip head opening, and that is bad bad bad. So, file it down, it won't hurt. Just remember to file according to the original shape. No pointy edges. It's up to you to follow the official instructions or mine. Both methods work anyway.

Hope this written guide can help you when you install the Xplorer Longstrike Zombie Slayer kit!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Hakka Folklore - Yung Ga Ma

I've been searching around for documentation of a horror folklore that my grandmother used to tell me when I was a kid, but I can hardly find any. It's about a child-eating granny monster named Yung Ga Ma. The only source I found was here in this link:

But the version that my grandmother told me was slightly different, so I just thought of documenting it myself so this Hakka folklore gets passed on.

Yung Ga Ma
Two sisters were walking in a forest but they got lost. Night time is nigh and they were getting afraid. By chance, they found a small wooden hut, with a glowing candle shimmering behind the windows. They make haste and sped towards the hut to look for shelter. The older sister knocked on the door and asked, "Are there anybody inside? My sister and I got lost and need shelter for the night so we can continue our journey tomorrow. Can you please let us in?"

Shortly after, the door creaked open, and an old lady walked out. "Why, of course! Come in, come in!" She said, with a frail but high-pitched voice. The two sisters quickly went inside the hut with the old lady. The old lady asked them to sit down at the table and offered dinner to them. "Have some dinner. You must be very hungry. Eat up, eat up."

"Thank you, po po (we call our grandmas and generic old ladies 'po po' in Hakka). What shall we call you?"

"I am Yung Ga Ma." The old lady answered. "Eat, eat. It's getting late, so let's get to bed quickly. I'm old and I can't stay up too late anymore."

The sisters ate their dinner and went inside Yung Ga Ma's bedroom. There is only one small bed that can only fit two people. The older sister let the younger sister to sleep on the bed with Yung Ga Ma while she slept on the floor. The candles were snuffed and they all went to sleep.

"Crunch crunch crunch..."

The older sister was awaken in the middle of the night by a loud crunching noise, as if somebody was eating something hard. She asked, "Who's eating?"

The old lady answered in the dark, "Oh, I'm just eating peanuts, darling. Get back to sleep now."

"Crunch crunch crunch..."

The older sister can't get back to sleep because of the constant crunching noise. Since she can't sleep, she decided to go out and take a dump. "Yung Ga Ma, I need to poop. I'm going out for a while." When she stood up, she saw the lifeless body of her younger sister without her head, and Yung Ga Ma lying beside the body with a bloody mouth and chewing on what's left of her sister's head. Terrified by the sight, she screamed and ran out into the forest. Yung Ga Ma chased her relentlessly.

"For an old lady, she ran nothing like one!" The older sister thought. She thought of an idea to stop Yung Ga Ma and climbed up a tree. Yung Ga Ma followed. "Don't be afraid, I am just eating peanuts. Just come back with me and rest." The old lady said.

"You ate my sister! Why should I follow?" The older sister shouted back.

"No no no, it's just too dark, you didn't see properly. I am just eating peanuts, see?" Yung Ga Ma dug out a few peanuts from her pockets and showed them to the older sister.

The older sister still did not believe in Yung Ga Ma, but inside her head, she knew how to trick Yung Ga Ma so she will not be eaten as well. "Ok, peanuts it is. But Yung Ga Ma, your hair is so messy from chasing me, let me comb your hair for you first before I follow you back to your hut." She said.

Yung Ga Ma let her comb her hair in the tree. While the older sister was combing Yung Ga Ma's hair, she tied the hair to the branches with each stroke of the comb. After she finished combing and tying, she jumped down from the tree and ran off, leaving Yung Ga Ma shouting and struggling on top of the tree.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Disadvantages of texting

Sometimes I feel it's better that everyone just communicate by talking to one another on the phone instead of sending texts, because when you scroll back to see certain past messages, it hurts.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Dumbest Bug Ever

Been looking all around on how to solve this particular bug for the whole day today. The problem is the field in the form does not auto-convert the datetime object to local time, even though I've declared USE_TZ=True and set the correct TIME_ZONE in the

Turns out it's because I used forms.DateField instead of forms.DateTimeField inside my forms for those DateTime fields.


Reminder to self: Look for the most obvious things first when debugging. Compare whether the fields in the models and forms are declared properly. Check other similar forms and see whether this problem occurs or not before assuming this is a global bug.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Acquired Blues Harp

I've been looking around for an affordable blues harp for a while now, because I want to learn how to blow that harmonica like a bosssss...

I like blues, and I enjoyed playing the old tremolo harmonicas that my late grandpa owned. After months of toying with the tremolo harmonica, I found out that it's not that suitable for playing blues because you can't bend the notes on a tremolo harmonica. Some people can do it, but it's not designed to do that. So I figured, might as well get me a 10-hole diatonic blues harp.

Just 'cause I want to play those blues riffs.

And so, I searched lots of places for this. Went to Woh Fatt twice but they aren't open for business for both times. Went to a few music stores but they either sell expensive Suzuki and Hohner harps, or they don't have stock. 

Final resort -

Found a vendor that sells RM15 SX Blues, and I heard that this China-brand harmonica is actually quite decent sounding and affordable for beginners like me.

"What are you waiting for? Buy it lah!"

And so, I bought it. And here it is! 

Damn fine.
Love it.

Learning process:
God, I didn't know I'll face difficulties in playing the 2 hole draw.
And bending notes, that's hard too. I know, it's too soon to learn bending when I'm just starting out. But I like to challenge myself.
Got a few successful tries, but still not stable yet.

I'll train to become an awesome note bender! (bonus points if you noticed the Avatar parody/reference)

Friday, September 12, 2014


Just yesterday, I was messing around with the blog's template, and got the inspiration to create a very basic website template. I'm naming it FlatWhite, because it's flat, and it's pretty white overall. And I've just realised this laptop I'm using does not have Sublime Text 2, no XAMPP, no bootstrap libraries, no nothing. Oh well, good opportunity to start creating a template right at square one.

It's still very basic though.

Screenshot of Flat White
You can download it here and try.
Unzip it and open up index.html.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

A New Chapter Of My Life

Yes, it's been a very very long time since I wrote another blog post. But I find it fun to write down some of my life events in this blog, so that my story will be recorded digitally until Skynet takes over the world.

On the 25th of January 2014, he asked me.

"Will you be my Player 2?"

And I laughed.
And I said yes.
And he did a fist pump and said "ohh yesssssss..."

And that is how we officially started our relationship.

Jon is like my mirror, my reflection, my long lost twin, and God's gift for me.
(And the meaning of Jonathan is God's gift too)
He is everything I dreamed of.

A gamer
A musician
A writer
A martial arts enthusiast
A programmer
An army fan
A geek
A nerd
A toucher like me

And so much more to list down.

But most of all..

He is a man of God.
His will is to serve God.
A man that loves God more than anything else.

I thank the Lord for answering my prayers, and only You know what I want, for You have planned and written my story way before I was born.

I love you, God.

And I love you, Jon.